And, Baby Number Two is A...

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Yes, we are having another girl! This chick here couldn't be more ecstatic (hubby is recuperating from the news). And Little Bug is going to be a BIG sister (she has no idea what is really coming).

I've known since day one that this little bebe' was another girl; I knew more so with this one than I did with Little Bug's pregnancy. I never doubted that this was a girl (although I did second guess myself while we were in there to find out the gender because the baby was laid back like a little dude). I suppose part of why I thought this was a girl was because the pregnancy was the exact same, even down to what I craved. On the other hand though, my "motherly instinct" was pretty strong this time -- so strong in fact I always wanted to tell everyone who said "boy" that they were sooooo wrong.

Even hubby knew it was a girl; but that's just because he wants a boy so bad that he knew his destiny was going to end up being another girl! However he was still holding on to hope for a boy in that sonogram room. I promise that despite the somber face in that last photo, he's excited (as excited as he can be). The man wants a son so bad and by gosh, we'll keep going until one of these off springs of ours have the coveted family jewels. But no fear, this man is all about his daughter and is the best dang father ever. This little girl has him wrapped tighter than you can imagine and I'm so over the moon to see that happen again. There's something so special about seeing the man you love be a father to your daughter.

It's crazy to imagine another little girl to love on. Will she be anything like her big sister? Maybe she'll be totally different. Who knows, right? I absolutely can't wait to meet this little girl and squeeze her and love on her just like I do her big sister. My heart is so full!

To picture two little girls running around in tutus, fairy wings and with tea cups makes me swoon.

See you soon baby girl. Love you to the moon and back. 

Our Christmas Home Tour

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

This year I decided to try and keep things as simple as possible. Aside from things in our bathroom, this is really all of our Christmas decor for the year (and a few things outside). I have several cute little signs and knick knacks that I've picked up over the last few years from Dollar stores and Wal-Mart, but I decided this year that I wanted to keep it simple. I absolutely love how it turned out!

We also changed our tree a bit this year to match our home a bit more and I am so in love that I don't think I ever want to do take it down. It just goes too perfectly with our home. Can't we all just leave our trees up all year round? This really and truly is the best time of the year!

What's Christmas like in your home?

5 Things to Remember for Healthy Eating Kiddos

Monday, December 15, 2014

I'm writing this more as a "go to" piece for my future reference. You know, those days where I may have a picky eater on my hands or those days where I may want to give in and say "here ya go kid." This is my reference of what I and many other people with much more knowledge than me, would recommend. 

1. Limit the processed food. Who doesn't love a good dose of processed goodness every now and then as it sure makes life easier? Boxes of macaroni and cheese, cereals, cookies, etc... are some of the things we like to easily whip up at moments where we really don't feel like putting forth the effort. Step outside the box and bake cookies from scratch so you know exactly what is in there and opt for meals that don't come in a box. I always judge my shopping cart to see just how much "boxed" stuff is in there. For me personally it is not about the calories in the box, it's about the chemicals and preservatives in the box. 

2. Stay away from fake drinks. Carbonated drinks and artificial fruit juices are the worst ever as they are loaded down with sugar (and horrible chemicals). Toddlers really don't even need exposure to juice, but watered down 100% juice can add some flavor to help your little one drink more water. Older children should drink 100% fruit juice as these are full of natural sugar and usually consist of only about two ingredients. Save the other stuff for rare treats or for instances, such as birthday parties, where it is less in your control. 

3. Opt for fruit and healthy snacks. Sure this is so much easier said than done, and I only have a one year old. However my goal is to always opt for fresh fruits, yogurts, cheese, etc... for snack time in the future and to have the "good" stuff on occasion. And hey, if you're going to have the good stuff such as baked goods, cookies, cakes, etc... then make it a joint effort and have your little one help you bake. At least you can make some chocolate-y covered memories!

4. Don't reward with snacks. I'm not a fan of the "if you eat your food, you get dessert" tactic and hope to use it sparingly if ever in the future. I want my child to eat because she knows she has to eat what's there in front of her, not because at the end of dinner comes a cookie. I already try to practice this by not giving snacks soon after a meal, particularly if she didn't eat much. Now, unless I'm in a restaurant and can only have peace while she eats some puffs, then I bite my tongue and give them to her. ;)

5. Realize perfection is impossible. Children can't eat a perfect, balanced diet 100% of the time (at least not most kids). I personally LOVE my cookies and milk and as my children get older I'll have to try and nix the habit to prevent being a hypocrite. However, perfection is impossible and children do deserve to live a little. We can't hide every processed, calorie filled thing out there from there for forever; but we can give them a healthy diet with restrictions and rules. Introducing healthy eating habits early will hopefully do some good for their future! Start now and try your best...it's all we can do! 

For awesome toddler meal ideas, make sure to follow whatifeedmykid on Instagram! 

What's your thoughts on kid's diets?

We Have Bonnie & Clyde

Friday, December 12, 2014

Bonnie & Clyde

Invader & Jeweled

We now have all of Kangacare's newest print and color releases available in our shop for purchase. All of these fabulous diapers are currently only available in Rumparooz One Size Pocket Diapers (which are pretty much everyone's fav)! How stinking adorable are Bonnie and Clyde? I just love them!

Make sure to stock up this holiday season and give your sweet little one some new fluff! We have adorable organic cotton toys for stocking stuffers, gifts for the expecting mama and tons more. Check out our natural skin care lines that have been a huge seller this holiday season. 

#shopthemushymommy and for all of your mother and baby needs! 

My First Bump Update!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

*two weeks ago
How far along? 12 weeks, 6 days
Baby Size: A Lime
Total weight gain: Let's go with 2-3lbs because I'm really not sure.
Maternity clothes? LOL, yes, pretty much since day 1. 
At least for pants it was just much more comfortable. 
Stretch marks? None yet (from this baby) 
And sadly I've yet to rub ANY lotion/butter on my belly. #thestruggleisreal
Sleep: I don't believe I have had a full night of sleep since around week 5
of pregnancy. Which really sucks because my toddler FINALLY started sleeping through the night
around the time I got pregnant; but then quickly I started having to pee and would wake
with extreme nausea. 
Best moment this week: Despite throwing up, I chowed down on Thanksgiving day! 
Miss Anything? Being able to sleep, keeping food down and so on.
Movement: At this point, no.
Food cravings: Spicy food, pizza, fried food for the nausea
Anything making you queasy or sick: My husband's cooking for his weight gain diet was making me
sick. Thankfully he hasn't been doing that anymore. 
Gender: Unknown
Symptoms: Tired as all get out and sicker than a college kid after a night out. 
What's different this go around? More nausea at night that I don't remember with my
first and I seem to be much more tired this time. 
Belly Button in or out? Almost out already, which is crazy! 
Wedding rings on or off? On
Mood: Tired and at this point stressed as we were moving into a new house this week!
Looking forward to: Settling into our new home, finding out gender and gaining some energy! 

While things haven't been easy this go around, I still love the site of a pregnancy belly. And really what am I saying, things weren't too easy the first go around but I guess when you're hit with all of the throwing up again, you're kinda over the "I have morning sickness glow."  

A bare pregnant belly is one of the most beautiful things to me. It's so amazing what the body does (throw up and all). As the holidays are here and I get to do fun things with my Little Bug and plan for Santa's arrival, I realize that next year will be even more fun. The thought of two little babies under three sounds somewhat chaotic but is so picture perfect in my mind. If I had easier pregnancies, I'd get knocked up again right away just to have a bunch of babies close in age (but we'll wait a bit...I think). 

I'll say it forever and ever no matter how sick I am, I simply love being pregnant. And despite some sickness, I'm blessed to have healthy pregnancies when others out there have a much harder struggle than I do. 

I absolutely can't wait to meet this new, sweet baby of mine! I love it so much already and just want to squeeze it and snuggle with it (full term of course, full term). 


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