Green Baby {and non toxic} Essentials

Monday, January 26, 2015

Becoming a parent is one of the most exciting things, yet it can also be the scariest thing too. Will I be able to take care of a little human being? Will I do a good job of keeping them safe? What are the best products to use and geez, how do I place them down to sleep safely? These are just a few of the questions that can run through a new mom's worrisome and excited little mind. 

Choosing the right products can be hard because there are SO many out there and so many that claim to be safe for baby. Granted most all products are safe for baby on some level, but it just depends on how "safe" you want to go. There are so many honest, good brands out there that need the awesome recognition they deserve because their products are indeed pretty amazing and safe. Not to mention, there are numerous products and items available to help you out to a green start for baby. A natural, safe and environmentally friendly start for your little one! 

Glass Bottles: With my first daughter we only used five bottles and they were Dr. Brown's brand that we loved. I nursed so much that the five got us through a whole year. Now that I know more and have done more research, I will be switching to Dr. Brown's glass bottles for baby number two. While plastic is deemed safe, in actuality it still slowly leaches out chemicals especially with warmer substances inside. Glass is the old fashioned, healthier way to go and there are numerous brands available for great prices. We need to make glass mainstream again! 

Natural and Eco Friendly Feeding Items: There's numerous ways to go with this category. Organic bamboo as pictured above and available in our shop; stainless steel items; glass items or plastic made from recycled milk jugs that are also available in our shop. Your goal is to always want to eliminate as much plastic as you can. Plastic is just awful but of course, not always avoidable. 

Natural Teethers and Early Toys: In the beginning your baby will put any and everything in their mouth. My husband and I were crazy about what went in our daughter's mouth during teething. After my shower I returned so many teethers because I knew and researched about healthier options out there. Shoot for bamboo, organic cloth or cotton, natural rubber (Sophie the Giraffe) and silicone free of toxins. Stay away from plastics and cute little things that can break off and become a choking hazard. Organic teethers and toys are available in our shop

Organic Sheets and Blankets: I know, this one probably seems a bit much. While not many of us (me included) will have our kids dressing in all organic clothes, we can strive for organic sheets, onesies and blankets for those early days. Your baby has just left the safest environment ever and their sweet skin is so delicate and sensitive. At least for sleep time (where they spend most of their time), provide as much as a safe and non toxic environment as you can. Loving these organic crib sheets from Aden and Anais

Cloth Diapers and Natural Disposables: Pictured above is a Rumparooz cloth diaper and a disposable diaper from the Honest Co. Now if you really want to be green and budget friendly, you'd choose cloth diapers. Modern cloth is easy, convenient, inexpensive (in comparison to disposable) and so much cuter. However not every mama is a cloth type of girl and that's okay; that's what non toxic, biodegradable disposables are for! These diapers are made of high quality and in my opinion are even better than mainstream brands. They are completely natural and won't sit in landfills for decades like mainstream disposables will. Sometimes those pesky diaper rashes are simply from the harsh chemicals in mainstream brands. As a cloth diaper mama, we do Honest diapers for the first few weeks and then jump into our cloth! Find Rumparooz diapers and more in my shop

Natural Skin Care Products: This is an easy, peasy route and tends to be the route most taken. Many mainstream brands have been under fire recently for having products that contain harmful toxins and known carcinogens. While granted the toxins are in small amounts, these products are used by many families for many years. We need to start our baby off healthy and as natural as possible. Choose a natural company not just because of the safe products they offer, but because of their commitment and research that goes into making safe, natural products for your baby. Most of these companies also practice eco friendly manufacturing and packaging. Some of the best and most popular brands (Earth Mama Angel Baby, Motherlove and Balm Baby) are available in our shop

What are your safe and green go to items for baby?

Weekly Update: 20 Weeks

Thursday, January 22, 2015

How far along? 20 weeks, 4 days
Baby Size: A Banana
Total weight gain: 11 pounds (one pound ahead at this point than I was for Little Bug)
Maternity clothes? Maternity jeans, sweaters and stretchy pants for the most part. 
I haven't bought the first maternity item this pregnancy and have made my old clothes last longer. 
Stretch marks? None yet 
Sleep: Some nights are great and some nights I have to pee quite frequently. Thank goodness I am 
not sick in the middle of the night anymore. That was awful! 
Best moment this week: I get to see our little baby on ultrasound tomorrow! That will be the best moment. 
Miss Anything? Being able to sleep on my stomach and nursing Little Bug. 
Movement: Yes, lots of sweet movements! I have even felt hiccups in the middle of the night. :)
Food cravings: Currently sweets -although I still like the idea of pizza and spicy foods! 
Anything making you queasy or sick: Thank goodness I don't feel quite as awful as in the beginning. 
I think we are at 76 times I've gotten sick so far. I only get sick about twice a week now, however I still 
have to eat breakfast immediately after waking up. 
Gender: Sweet little girl!!!! 
Symptoms: Well aside from a little morning sickness, I finally have more energy but I am 
starting to feel ginormous!!! 
What's different this go around? Being very awful at weekly updates. Um, this is my second
one to post on the blog. That is really BAD.
Belly Button in or out? Almost out already, which is crazy! 
Wedding rings on or off? On
Mood: At this very moment, Little Bug has given me a rough morning and no nap yet, 
so I'm sleepy.....zzzzzzzz......
Nursery? Pretty much complete except for a mobile and unpacking all of the newborn clothes. 
I still have to finish organizing the dresser as well. Our theme is just simple black, white, gold and boho. 
Feathers, foxes, dreamcatchers and stuff like that. Ironically the two outfits she has been gifted both
had a fox on it and I purchased a fox portrait for her room. So everyone, she's my Little Fox. 
Looking forward to: Being better about taking these photos since I found a way
to do them without my husband and having pretty daylight. 
And I'm ready for June! It can't get here fast enough.

I can't wait to meet this little girl and see what she's like. It's so exciting to get to do all of this
fun stuff all over again while also having a sweet and loving little toddler too. I'll be kissing and cuddling for days! 
We're halfway to meeting our Little Fox! 

Will I Succeed at Motherhood?

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Recently I sat down to watch a Lifetime movie involving two young girls -- one who frequently made careless mistakes (she had the more chill mama) and the other who had a good head on her shoulders (she had the more stern mama). During one wild night, they both made the wrong mistake that ended in unfortunate events. Then the next day, I saw a true story of a young teen who took one hit of a new synthetic drug that cost him his life. I suppose the combination of reading and watching both of these in about a 24 hour time span left a lump in my throat for a little while that most mothers would have after seeing such events.

So I sat and wondered...

Will I be a good mother to teach my children how to make the right decisions? Can I protect them from careless mistakes that could cost them or someone else their life? We're all destined to make mistakes and learn from them no matter how amazing our parents are; it's just that unfortunately these mistakes sometimes lead to unfortunate outcomes. Outcomes that can rip a mother's heart to shreds. And that's what scares the absolute poop out of me. 

When I look back at my teen and early adult years, there's really no scenarios that stand out at being a bad decision that could have really harmed me other than jumping out of a really, really tall tree into the river for $20 (they put a life jacket on me). And yes, I did it to impress my now husband when his cousin bet everyone around us and everyone declined, so I did it. And now I look back and think about how stupid it was. 

But drugs, getting into cars with people who have been drinking or sneaking out to hang out with people I hardly knew wasn't me. Heck the one time a group of us college girls ended up hanging out at a place with guys I didn't know and I was the one begging to go and finally saying we had to leave. Sure I was paranoid at times and maybe freaked out too much about little things, but I'd rather be safe than sorry. Obviously somewhere along the line my parents did something right to make me aware of my surroundings and to have fun without making decisions that could harm me or others. I always listened to that little voice in my head. Will my daughters do the same?

So how will I know what to do? How will I know how to handle each and every situation that presents itself to me as my daughters grow up? How can any of us ensure that we are doing things right to protect our children while still giving them their space to learn and grow up and of course, to make their own mistakes?

I honestly don't know the answer to any of these questions. I fear for the future of my children because I know that despite however good of a mother I think I will be, that temptation will always be there and that sadly our world will continue to become even more tainted with sex, rape, drugs, violence, etc... Our world is a beautiful place, but we all know darkness can lurk within the shadows. We all read the true stories that have unhappy endings. 

There are moments where I wish I could just build us a little castle (complete with a moat) to protect my children and keep them close to me. Then I'll know that they'll be safe and sound; but that's not realistic is it now? Being a mother (or a parent in general) has to be by far the scariest job around. We disguise our fears and worries, but Lord knows we have them. We give life to these precious souls who consume our every heartbeat and we just want to protect them. We just want to do a damn good job. We long to see our children grow up and become the rock stars, doctors, lawyers and teachers that they are meant to be. Watching your children and your children's children grow up and leading happy, wonderful lives has to be the reward at the end of all of those years of parenting (and worry). 

So I honestly have no clue as to how I'll succeed as a mother. Will I succeed? I'm sure I will. Just like I'm sure the person reading this will or has. And even if my children make massive mistakes, it doesn't necessarily mean that I didn't succeed. Things are bound to happen no matter how good of parent we all think we are or were. We can only do our best when it comes to teaching our children and we can only hope and pray that our lessons stick with them (you know, like the little annoying voice in your head that sounds like your mother's voice that says you shouldn't hop in the car with the cute guy you just met at the bar). Yes, we can only hope that those voices stick in our children's heads and that they listen. 

We can only hope. 
We can only pray. 
But most of all, we can just love and teach. 
And love no matter what. 

Win $25 Store Credit to The Mushy Mommy Boutique

Thursday, January 15, 2015

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Thanks for entering and good luck! 

3 Easy Ways to Eat Healthier This Year

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

It's a new year and we know that many are going to begin new diets, new eating habits and a focus on health in general. I never claim to be a perfect, little organic eater because I promise you that I'm not. But I strive my best to eat as healthy and whole as possible (snacks are a different story here lately). There's days with this pregnancy where that is easier said than done, but I still strive hard when it comes to the meals that we cook (and the snacks that my child eats).

Let's take a look at three easy ways you can eat healthier and improve you and your families' health.

Shoot for whole, real food. Whole foods are easy --- you're just looking for any and everything that is grown or raised. Limit your amount of processed items such as boxed dinners, instant items and snacks. While you'll always be able to find a couple of boxed items in my cart (usually a snack or two and maybe a Taco kit). I always try and judge the success of my shopping and weekly meal menu by how much whole food I have versus processed food. Eating whole foods are amazing for your body and reduce all of those nasty chemicals, toxins and artificial ingredients that we either do know of the negative health effects or still don't know about the negative health effects. Children need to see much more fruits, vegetables and "real" food on the table than boxed items. This can help reduce your possibility of having a picky eater and it ensures that they are getting more vitamins and nutrients. Chances are, this will lower your grocery budget and provide many more meals for you that may include more leftovers. If you're going to buy processed, there are alternative brands out there such as Annie's that can provide you with healthier processed items. 

Strive for organic that is affordable. A lot of consumers think that shopping organically is a major increase in budget. Truth be told, for the most part it is really not. There are some items (such as shredded cheese) that has major prices differences, and that is just when you decide which organic items are important to you. For instance, I put organic produce at the top of my priority list and then work organic milk, eggs and tomato sauces into our budget. From there I pick and choose where I can/want to invest in the organic items based on importance. If you can't afford all organic items (not many of us probably can) then strive for produce. Then if you can't afford all organic produce, strive for purchasing the dirty dozen plus organically. These are the items that always come back from testing and research as containing the most pesticides and chemicals. 

Drink real stuff. Not artificial juices, not powerades, carbonated drinks and Red Bull. Drink water, drink milk and drink 100% fruit juice when appropriate. There's no need to put so many additional sugars and chemicals into your body. An artificial juice will have quite a few ingredients whereas real juice usually has about two ingredients. Save these things for an occasional treat if you must and you'll enjoy it so much more!

That's it. No fancy diet, no crazy tactics...just real food for your body! 

Is eating healthy a goal for you this new year?

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