12 Things I'm Thankful For

Thursday, November 27, 2014

  1. I'm thankful for God and all of the blessings he has provided us with. Where would we be without him?
  2. For my sweet, little family. A man who loves me unconditionally and a sweet baby girl who has my heart. And of course I am very thankful for the new little one growing in me. I could go on here, but I'll just leave it with my heart is full and overflowing.
  3. For our health. Being a mother isn't easy as you fear things like childhood cancer, disease and more. I'm so incredibly thankful for our good health. 
  4. For our families. It's so nice to have such wonderful extended families to share joys and even sadness with. I'm especially grateful for my parents as they always go out of their way for us and especially right now as they help us move. 
  5. For friendships. Where would we be without a good friend to share our secrets with?
  6. For you guys...my Internet friends. I'm so incredibly grateful for you and that you stick around to read my blog, shop my shop and so on. You guys always rock my socks. 
  7. For learning. I've learned a lot about motherhood and who I want to be and what I want to do since becoming a mother. While things are currently in such a hiatus with us moving/me being sick all the time, I know that there's big things ahead. I know I'll continue to learn and be the mother and woman that I want to be. 
  8. For a roof over our head. While I have been anxious to leave where we were renting to go to a nicer, bigger and newer rental, at the end of the day I just need to be grateful for a home. While I would love to buy a house finally and have a beautiful, cozy house, I can make do with what we have. 
  9. For this day and the weeks to come. I love the holidays simply because I love all of the family gatherings, twinkling lights and happiness of it all. It's not about presents, it's about being with the ones you love. 
  10. For fried turkey, baked ham, fudge and pie. Well, it's also about those too.
  11. For my dream job. My dream job has always been to stay at home with my babies, my appreciation to my husband for this can never be put into words. 
  12. For LIFE. I'm thankful for each day of life with the ones I love. Each day of seeing this beautiful world and each day of hearing the sweetest voice call me "Mama." My life is beautiful; LIFE is beautiful. And I hope yours is just as beautiful too. 
I sincerely wish you and your family a wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving. 
Thank you for being so wonderful and I hope you enjoy your day! 

The Black Friday Kangacare SALE!

Monday, November 24, 2014

It's that time of the year! Time to gear up for retail's biggest shopping day and get ready to stock up on some cute diapers, wetbags and more from The Mushy Mommy. Starting November 28 and through December 1, you can receive a discount on all Kangacare products of $3.95! Additionally, if you spend at least $65.00 in the shop (purchase must include at least one Kangacare product) then you will receive a FREE Rumparooz Mystery Diaper! Diaper will be randomly chosen to coordinate with your purchase, meaning that no one will randomly receive a pink diaper unless they purchased a pink diaper! All mystery diapers will be kept as gender neutral as possible. However, feel free to email us the gender of your baby if you'd like a more gender specific diaper if quantities allow.

All sales exclude the new Invader, Jeweled and Sherbert diapers as these were recently released to the public. Currently those will be stocked up in our shop soon, but are not available for purchase yet through The Mushy Mommy (they are on their merry way to us).

All Rumparooz diapers and Kangacare covers are one size and we have a small selection of Lil' Joey newborn diapers available (they are the cutest thing ever).

Make sure to shop with us this coming Black Friday and holiday weekend as you gear up for Christmas or just because you're a diaper addict and want some new fluff!


Now tell me, what's your plans for Black Friday?
Are you an early bird shopper, a Christmas tree decorator 
or an over achiever who has all of their gifts bought already?

The Dark Hole of Weaning

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Weaning is a subject that doesn't get talked about nearly enough in my opinion. You can read all day about the struggle of breastfeeding and the outrage of public nursing, but never do you really read about what weaning is like. Today, I'm going to try my hardest to do justice for such an emotional and real topic.

While pregnant I knew I wanted my daughter on my milk for a year, but having a somewhat closed mind I assumed I wouldn't nurse past six months. It wasn't that I judged anyone who nursed toddlers; it's just that I was one who kinda thought it would be odd to nurse such an older infant and especially a toddler. Don't those suckers have teeth and all?

From practically the first moment of nursing my sweet baby, I knew there was no longer a specific goal for "nursing." As things got easier for us during those first six weeks postpartum, I realized that nursing was pretty much one of God's greatest gifts to us mothers and I knew that a six month time frame was silly. Heck by a year old I knew that my goal of weaning at a year wasn't going to happen and by a year old, my child still nursed numerous times a day. It was so much easier than bottles!

They say that some women can experience postpartum depression during weaning, and while I wouldn't say that I was close to that, I will say that I can totally understand why. Weaning is possibly one of hardest things that a mother has to do; especially when A) the nursing relationship is strong and still enjoyable B) the baby/toddler shows no signs of wanting to wean.

I've probably never felt quite as alone as I did while working on weaning. I "attempted" to slowly wean for roughly five months and my attempt was very weak since I wasn't strong enough for it. It's brutally hard to take away the most comforting thing that a child has ever known; the first and most comforting thing that they ever felt. I was taking away something from my child that was a gift to us a both, a blessing if you will, and I felt horrible about it.

Our weaning journey began because of my desire to get pregnant again and to protect the new baby if and when I did become pregnant. I felt tremendous guilt for that - guilt for taking away my daughter's comfort for a baby that didn't even exist yet. However, our weaning journey didn't even end until I did have a new baby growing inside of me...so the guilt was then lessened I suppose as I looked at weaning as a way to prevent anything happening during the new pregnancy.

Weaning can be such a dark, gloomy time for a mother. It's something that no one will understand if they haven't been in those shoes. As I would wake up to nurse my growing toddler still 2-3 times a night, I'd sit there in tears for numerous reasons. Tears for putting pressure on us to wean; tears from exhaustion; tears for thinking that our weaning was getting nowhere and tears for wanting it to end (but not really wanting it to end). Tears from guilt.

No one can understand the battle that a weaning mother faces, as all battles are different. Some mothers are anxious and ready to wean and some babies are easy to wean. I was sitting there not anywhere ready to wean (just ready to conceive) and with a baby nowhere near ready to wean herself. I was at a loss. We'd take one step forward and then two steps back again. I'd work on weaning one week and then say screw it the next. The emotional toll was too much and the pressure was getting to me. Everyone was asking how it was going and asking if my toddler was weaned yet and all I really wanted to do was just keep on nursing and say "@#%! weaning."

Then the day came where that positive pregnancy test came back and I knew it was time. A quick idea of placing cabbage leaves on my breasts to dry myself up (this really works) freaked my toddler out so much that she didn't want to nurse again. We did however nurse for closure several times that night and then the next day she saw those green leaves and decided that they were "gone" and that she was a big girl. Surprisingly there were minimal tears on her part and she moved on like I couldn't believe. I'm not recommending this way to anyone, but I can say that I was pleasantly surprised with how it turned out.

Do I regret weaning? Had I not gotten pregnant or was not trying to get pregnant, we'd still be nursing. However I am now approaching my second trimester and as expected, my first trimester has included more vomiting then I'd like to admit and more days of feeling like crap, so no I don't regret it. Breastfeeding + vomiting don't sound like a great mix to me. And in the event of something happening to my pregnancy, I likely would have blamed breastfeeding on it.

However, I've had numerous days where I just want to cuddle my daughter close and nurse her. That bond we shared can never be replaced, nor can it happen again in that way. The emotional toll that you face once weaning is complete, is just about as crappy as the emotional toll of weaning in itself. And again, very few understand that.

For almost seventeen months I sat there in a rocking chair nursing my sweet girl numerous times a day and a couple of times a night (she was yet to sleep all night at the time). I miss those moments like crazy, and surprisingly, I miss the middle of the night cuddles in the dark the most. Some thought I was still crazy for doing that, but now looking back, I don't regret it one bit.

Weaning can most definitely be a lonely, emotional time. While some choose to wean for particular reasons, it's not something I'd just recommend if you're not ready. There's a good chance with this next baby that I'll breastfeed even longer to savor those moments. Let weaning happen on your time when you're ready; and never wean just because of pressure from others. They'll never understand the dark hole of weaning.

And you'll never get those moments back. 

I was blessed with a long breastfeeding journey and a tremendous amount of cuddles, kisses, and sweet smiles during it all. I'll never forget that and it's something I am tremendously proud of. It's not about breast milk over formula; it's just about realizing that breastfeeding is hard. And we made it and I am proud of that.

I look forward to the day that I can share our journey with my daughter and I hope that she's just as proud of us as I am. We were a team and while we'll never get that back, we'll always be a team. We'll always have a special and sacred bond and I'll always want to sneak into her room and get those middle of the night cuddles.

What was your weaning journey like?
Comment below and share it with us
And always be proud of ANY amount of time breastfeeding!

We're Having a Baby!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Hopefully you caught the announcement on my social networks over the weekend, but if not, then GUESS WHAT?!?!

Yes, we are having baby #2! Little Bug will become a big sister on or around June 7, 2015 and we couldn't be happier. My mind has been running with lots of ideas for posts as believe me, I have plenty to talk about already!

At first it was hard to let it sink in that I was pregnant again. I was so consumed with opening up the shop and with chasing a toddler, that many days I didn't really remember I was pregnant until I laid down at night; but then I'd go to sleep with a smile on my face! Pregnancy the second time around sure is different when you have a bouncing toddler to take care of as well. Very. Different.

After a week or two of that positive pregnancy test, there was no "forgetting" that I was pregnant again. So far this bundle of joy is proving to be just like it's sister...high maintenance! To say that my days have been a tad rough is an understatement. Between nausea, throwing up, exhaustion and just simply not feeling well, it's been kinda rough (but so worth it, I know). So far this pregnancy is proving to be just like pregnancy number one which makes me assume that I'll be hugging the toilet the whole nine months like I did with Little Bug. Let's hope maybe it's a little easier. Heck, I even had plans for a fancy announcement photo but then my pregnancy laziness kicked in. ;)

So folks, this sweet baby growing inside of my is why I have slacked lately at blog posts and what not. It's been hard to get to the computer, but thankfully my days are getting better so I'm hoping to keep rocking on. I am so excited to share another journey with you and so excited to be pregnant again. Despite being so sick with my first, I was anxious to get pregnant again because it is simply wonderful!

I can't wait to meet this little bebe already. It's amazing the love you can already form for a little being you've never met and even when your heart is so consumed with your other child/children.

A mother's love has no limits. It is endless.

Bringing Birth Back

Thursday, November 13, 2014

I was approached to share this info graphic on my blog and decided that it was a great fit for myself and my readers. Please note, that if you have done the research and the risks to ANY birthing method (I'm not just talking cesareans) then I support you. 

Is there too high of a cesareans and induction rate in America? Absolutely.
Can we change that? Yes, we should.
Is it sometimes necessary? Most definitely!
But are we sometimes led to believe it is necessary when it really may not be? Unfortunately, yes. This happens more than you can imagine and leaves many mothers saddened over their birth experience.

Know your options, know the risks to any option you choose and most of all mamas, know that you have the right to stand up for what you believe in for you and your baby. Never let a doctor convince you of something if you aren't convinced yourself. Have a voice; but most of all, have a beautiful labor and delivery no matter what you choose!

My only wish is for every mama to have a beautiful experience with a healthy outcome.

Now, I'll let the images say the rest
      (FYI: I'm not a fan of forceps and vacuums, but if it does prevent surgery then it is a wonderful option).

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