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Wednesday, October 14, 2015


A Breastfeeding Bone to Pick

Monday, August 17, 2015

Okay Mamas, I have a bone to pick.

And it's a breastfeeding bone, so I know that is already a touchy subject, but bear with me.

You see, I want to speak up for those that are hoping and praying to breastfeed soon. Those that were once like me and you; those who are currently expecting and who have their noses buried deep in every breastfeeding book they can find.

The bone I have to pick is definitely a touchy one, so again, bear with me.

Mamas, we have to stop creating a negative image about breastfeeding based on our problems. There, I said it.

We have to stop putting our breastfeeding struggles and negative feelings about our struggles so blatantly out there. For instance, I recently read a comment on a thread where the mother said "I hated breastfeeding. It was torture..." 

Those lines stung me. Seeing someone so boldly say that breastfeeding was torture for them was a little much for me. Granted, I know breastfeeding is hard and I have no idea the struggle they went through. I sympathize with every mother who struggles because I couldn't imagine the heartache if I were not able to breastfeed my babies. But don't get me wrong - I have struggled too. I have had all the clogged ducts, the oversupply issues that create many, many problems, the inverted nipple, the baby that can't handle dairy, the overactive letdown, the baby with silent reflux...I've experienced a lot. My journey, like many, has been rough in the beginning. It has and can be exhausting, painful and hard no doubt. But I have never, ever put it out there in a negative light.

So why is this such a bone to pick?

Because I was once that expecting mama who was buried in the breastfeeding books and who literally prayed each night to be able to breastfeed my baby. I was the mama who knew NO ONE (well except one person) that successfully breastfed for longer than six weeks. I heard the cries of the mothers who struggled and wished things were differently with their baby. I heard the comments from the mothers who themselves thought breastfeeding was pretty hopeless and I almost lost hope that I myself could ever breastfeed. I became lost in all of the comments that I read and heard that I began to think breastfeeding wasn't as natural as it seemed and that breastfeeding for a long duration was nearly impossible. I started to think that a goal of a year was crazy when everyone else I knew struggled so much.

Boy was I ever wrong.

What we have to remember is that our comments whether it is about breastfeeding, infant sleep, diapering, parenting methods and so on, can sometimes frighten a new mother. What if we speak so negative about something that the newly expecting mama decides not to do it? What if we scare a mother into thinking that she shouldn't even attempt breastfeeding because we thought "it was such torture?" 

It would be awful to think that our comments, while completely unintentional, could keep a new mother from trying the most natural way of feeding her baby. We should cheer a mother on, give them advice and wish them the best; not shoot their hopes down with our sorrows.

We all have our own story to tell. Whether it is about breastfeeding or motherhood in general, we all have our struggles. They are real and they should be respected and sympathized with. We just have to remember to think about what we say, because what we say can have a big impact.

So whether you breastfed for a year, six weeks or six days, be proud of what you did accomplish. Acknowledge that it isn't easy and just say that "it wasn't for you" or "we ran into some problems and thought it was best to switch to formula," but please, let's not just put it out there that "breastfeeding is torture" or anything like that.

Because while it may have not have seemed like it at the moment, I can assure you that your baby thought it was anything but torture. You did what was best with what you had, and for that, your baby thanks you.


Little Fox and Cheeky Cloth Diaper Giveaway

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Before Little Fox was born, I was approached by Cheeky Diaper Co to do a review and after browsing their website, I quickly knew that these were diapers I wanted to try! I mean first off, you can never have too many diapers and secondly, as a cloth diaper retailer I really enjoy testing products and knowing what is out there.

One of the things I love about Cheeky is the simplicity. While I love prints and patterns, I just love the simplicity of having a few colors to choose from to keep things simple and to allow more use between different gender babies should I have a boy next time.
The four colors that Cheeky offers are just beautiful. Three bright and modern colors along with a trendy gray that I adore! What I even love more is that while there is a "pink" diaper, it falls along more of a coral/reddish pink tone therefore not making it such a big deal to use on a little boy later (if that kind of stuff bothers you).

Cheeky diapers are AIO but come with an opening similar to a pocket to stuff an additional insert in there if needed. This design feature makes them slightly different than other diapers and I like it -- although we haven't even had to use it because the diapers are extremely absorbent alone. These diapers are made of organic hemp and cotton and are made in Canada. Can I repeat that...they are made in Canada...NOT China...but North American! That's always a huge bonus for me because it is rare to find!

So let's cut to the chase and discuss what I love:

  • Four modern and bright colors to choose from
  • Organic hemp and cotton rather than microfiber
  • Additional pocket for extra inserts
  • Extremely absorbent
  • North American Made
  • Founded by two moms who are sisters
  • Easily purchased in sets straight from their site
  • Super TRIM
  • Curved waistline that makes things much more comfortable
  • Curved waistline and extra snap down on newborn size for umbilical cord stub
  • The cutest newborn diaper EVER
  • A gorgeous coral color rather than a typical pink
  • The Everyday Diaper fits my two month old great and has room to grow!

What I didn't totally love:
  • These diapers are super trim which is a huge advantage however on a toddler like mine that is two and a half, it's slightly harder to get what you may would think would be a superior fit. But on the other side of that, she's at the age that many would be potty trained. So ruling her out then, I LOVE the trim fit on my two month old and can foresee this diaper fitting her well for months to come! 
  • They take lots of prewashing according to instructions but this comes with most hemp diapers 
What could be slightly improved:
  • I love their simple colors -- I wouldn't mind seeing two or three more colors like an orange, purple and bright yellow
  • When visiting their website it appears you can't purchase them individually but rather as a three, six, 12 or 24 pack for the Everyday Diaper and packs of 10 or 20 for newborn -- I think it would be great to offer them individually as well

Overall I have really come to love these diapers and as a cloth diaper retailer, wouldn't mind getting my hands on them in our shop one day! I love to carry products that are well thought out, high quality, designed by moms like us and even better, are made closer to home. Make sure to visit Cheeky Diaper Co for more information!



{North American Entries Only}
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thanks so much for entering and a special thanks to Cheeky Diaper Co for sending their products my way. All opinions and reviews are honest and completely myown. 

Introducing our sweet Little Fox in her Cheeky Cloth Diaper

Isn't she just perfect? 

No Kid, That Wasn't An Oreo {Mom Truths}

Monday, August 3, 2015

I've evaluated life as a mom to two and especially to life as mother to a toddler. These are just some of the life changing things I have recently witnessed.

If you don't agree or can't relate, it's coming.

It's coming, I promise.

I'll text you back later. Like way later. Remember the days of texting back and forth with your BFF where you sent countless and pointless emojis or "hahahahas" like it was nothing? Yea, say goodbye to those days. You're lucky if you even remember to text them back because chances are you received their text message while you were in the middle of nursing a baby with a toddler climbing on your head.

What's Lifetime? You know, like the good ole' classic Lifetime movies that all have somewhat of the same story line? Someone has an affair. Someone gets shot. Someone has a baby. It's all the same.
Yet you love the days where you can lay on the sofa and watch the channel all day long while dreaming of a steamy shower love scene like the one in the movie.

But in real mom life fashion, you can't watch Lifetime all day. Or any part of the day really. And you're lucky if you have energy just to take a shower to wash yourself, let alone recreate some sexy love scene.

No kid, that wasn't an Oreo. You literally hide behind the cabinet door shoving Oreos in your mouth at 9 am. Toddler sees and points and wants one and you totally play that shit off like it was a peach or something. Here kid, here's some peaches. 

Peeing alone in peace is really over. FOREVER. You know the joke that moms can't pee or go to the bathroom in peace? You then have a baby and think "oh that's not true, they sit so quietly in their bouncer." Yea well, have a toddler and see what the hell happens. You'll have fingers, toes and whatever else sliding under the door trying to reach you. They'll scream like their life is over and you may hear "Mama" 1,004 times. Fun game: try sticking your hands out back at them. They hate it. 

"No, Mama Pease". You hear this all day as daddy tries to help brush teeth or bathe them. But noooooooo, obviously mama just does it all better. Mama is the brush master and the best freaking bubble bath maker there ever was. While you secretly love it, you also just want to run away for five minutes and say "nanana boo boo" and leave the bathing and brushing up to daddy.

You spend more money on your diaper bag than you do on a purse. True story. No explanation needed other than what the heck is a purse these days and who even uses those with kids?!

You occasionally lie. "No baby Mickey isn't on right now...he's taking a nap." Even though Mickey is totally saved to your DVR. Hey you fibbed for a good reason, too much TV is bad for little brains.

Grocery shopping is... like a mini vacay if you're alone and especially if you're grocery shopping at Target (seriously that place is Heaven in a box).

Grocery shopping is often times meltdown worthy with the kids (meltdowns for everyone that is).

Your kids sometimes have cuter clothes. You may own a lot of cute clothes, but sometimes it takes so much energy just to get them ready to run a meaningless task like running to the bank, that you totally skimp on making yourself look cute. Yay for cute kids, boo for sloppy-mom-yoga-pant-look.

Going to Starbucks is the Coco Chanel of it all. And I don't mean going sit in Starbucks and people watching while acting all studious and adult like as you type away at your computer. No, going through the drive thru is literally the best thing ever for moms. The second that grande cup gets in your hand means shits about to get real.

Or it just means you had an extra five minutes and an extra five dollars and two quiet kids sleeping in the back seat who didn't whine when the car stopped for you to make your order (and sit behind the 20 cars in the drive thru -- geez people get a life!).

It's the best freaking job ever. No real pay, little sleep, little to no days off and crappy dress attire (literally, there's often crap on your clothes). But it is and always will be the best job you've ever had and there's so much love that you think your eyeballs will pop out.

It really is that great.

The Mom Guilt of Motherhood {with baby #2}

Monday, July 27, 2015

Today you woke up and fixed a lousy breakfast for the kids. Mom guilt. 

You kept the television on for way too long this morning. More mom guilt. 

The spunky toddler who ate the chalk that you may have snapped at. More mom guilt. 

The newborn that doesn't seem to be in your arms enough. Sigh, mom guilt.

The toddler running around that begs to be in your arms more. Freaking mom guilt. 

The laundry piling up. Well, we'll let that one slide. 

Motherhood and mom guilt seem to go hand in hand for many of us. 

If there is mom guilt with just one kiddo, adding in another is enough guilt to bring on the waterworks and the feeling of never rising to the challenge in the ways that you wish you could.

As a mom, I'm quickly learning that mom guilt is something that we bring upon ourselves. It's the likely result of too much social media that shows us clips of other people's lives where we realize that maybe they are rocking motherhood (and juggling more than one kid) much better than we are. Crafts, learning projects, fancy full course breakfast plates, exploring outside, limited television and so on, makes us take a look at ourselves and evaluate how we are doing. It puts an unnecessary pressure on us to do better and be more. I for one am very guilty of this.

Perhaps the worst guilt of all, the guilt that surpasses too much television and too many toys, is the guilt that comes along with having more than one child. I've never felt so much guilt as a mother until I came home with a newborn while having a two year old. It's a real, possibly unspoken guilt that many of us face.

The chance of both babies needing you at once is high. Like, it happens multiple times a day. The chances of having both babies begging for your arms at the same time happens more than you'd think. The question of whether or not one of your sweet babies feels neglected pops up into your head daily.

Bringing a new baby home with a toddler is vastly different from bringing home your first baby. 

There aren't endless hours of cuddling on the sofa and staring at your new work of art. No, that's hard to do with another person clawing you for each and every thing. More milk pease. Read books pease. Pease outside. Hungry Mama. Mama, poopoo. Hold Mama PEASEEEEEE. It doesn't end; it's not supposed to. They need us and always will.

But it's the helpless one sitting there in the bouncy, or even hanging around in your ring sling, that you feel like doesn't get enough of you. In actuality they likely do get exactly what they need, but it's the comparison of their start at life to your first born's start at life, and you feel guilty that they are different; that they are not getting your undivided attention.

What I am starting to learn about mom guilt is that it means more than just negative, guilty feelings. Mom guilt means that I am a good mom.

A good mom worries, has fears and wants nothing more than to do the best and be her best. 

While it's still hard to embrace the mom guilt and let it go, it's something to work on. I'm trying to embrace the chaos, find the supermom balance, parent as closely in my beliefs as I can and discard the mom guilt. It's tiny steps to realizing that I can do this and so can you.

Mom guilt will likely never go away. But what is important is realizing at the end of the day that you all survived. Sure there may have been too much TV and takeout for dinner, but they were loved. Your kids were loved beyond measure and you gave it your all.

You are a good mom. 

Tomorrow is a new day.

And you will still be a good mom.

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